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Repair and maintenance information flat rate

erWin helps you when repairing vehicles by providing the necessary documentation. You are provided with detailed instructions on how to repair a vehicle.

erWin also offers additional flat rates with different functional scopes. You can choose these according to your needs in a product comparison.

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Access to this information is subject to charge and can be booked for fixed periods (flat rates). During the period of validity of your access you can view all documents and information and also print these out where possible. Access always takes place via the internet using your browser. Only one computer can use the system at any time per access.

The flat rate starts immediately after purchase. It cannot be interrupted and ends when the purchased term expires.


1 hour incl. printing rights (5,00 €)
1 day incl. printing rights (15,00 €)
7 days incl. printing rights (50,00 €)
30 days incl. printing rights (120,00 €)
365 days incl. printing rights (700,00 €)

* Net order total (VAT in accordance with statutory conditions)