erWin information tour

Are you looking for information on a vehicle from the TGE series? If so, then MAN erWin is exactly the right place. Here you will find:
  • repair information such as circuit diagrams, repair manuals and maintenance handbooks
  • additional information such as self-study programmes
  • as well as the Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service diagnostic software for independent market participants and customers

Below you will find an overview of the available information and how to access it:

Vehicle-specific documents

Access via the menu "Vehicle-specific information".

Vehicle data

When you access the vehicle data, all basic vehicle data, the colour configurations and all additional equipment will be displayed.

Repair manuals

Repair manuals contain all the mechanical and electronic repair groups of the vehicles, including body work. Exact instructions are provided for localisation and rectification of faults, and there is also additional information on special tools and settings.

Circuit diagrams

Circuit diagrams contain all the electrical repair groups of a model. The circuit diagrams are used to rectify all electrical faults, also for gearboxes and radio systems.

Emissions test

The documents relating to emissions testing provide information on all test values and settings for carburettor and injection systems. The information is divided up into 3 documents according to engine codes.

Maintenance handbook (IGG)

These documents contain all maintenance instructions as well as wear dimensions for inspections. The maintenance handbooks define the required work scope and the work procedures. Maintenance tables form part of the "Maintenance handbook" group.

Bodywork repair

The bodywork repair documents provide information on model level about all body-related work, including the corresponding safety instructions and repair procedures.

MAN After Sales Portal

All further information on the vehicles can be found on the MAN After Sales Portal ( You can find the following information on your TGE there:
  • Information on recall actions and Service Bulletins
  • Technical Information sheets, operator’s manuals, service standard times and maintenance checklists
  • Spare parts catalogue and
  • Maintenance records

You can also find repair and maintenance information for all other MAN models on the MAN After Sales Portal.

You can of course also register on the MAN After Sales Portal free of charge..